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Secret Sound2

Join Mike in the Morning after the 7.30 am News for the Railway IGA SECRET SOUND 

Watch as the jackpots grows and you could be the next winner just by recognising what the sound is 

Just call Mike on 6471 1711 when you hear the sound and all the Railway IGA $$$$ could be yours 

Here is what it isn't : 

Washing the Dishes
Opening a can with a can opener
Coffee machine
Trying to undo a cap on a fizzy drink
A milk frother for Cuppachino or Hot chocolates
Pressing the button on a Steam Iron
The Train letting off steam
High pressure Gurney washing a concrete path
Washing out the Ears of Children so they will listen to their Parents
Trying to use a Soda Siphon
Opening a tin with an electric can opener
Lighting a Gas Stove
Trying to Tune into a Radio station
Turning your Wipers on
Spraying Fly spray to kill all the Flies
Spraying Underarm Deoderant
Spraying a spray Can (Hairspray, Paint)
A door on a DVD player Opening and Shutting
Trying to ring Santa at the North pole to get my Christmas Present
Pulling a piece of Foil out of a Packet and Tearing it off
Taking the top off an aerosol can and spraying it
Garment Steamer
Water going down the Drain out of the Bath
Ladies Hair Dryer
Releasing the Brakes on a Truck
Holding your microphone upto your CD player before it finishes turning
Blowing into a Microphone
Pushing the Steam button on an Iron
Electirc door opening at Cafe 5.2.0 behind the Railway
Someone Blowing their Nose
Coming to the end of a can of Fly Spray
Washing machine starting it's Wash Cycle
A pressure cooker
Blowing on your Takeaway Coffee to cool it down
Steam Pistons
Trying to tune in a Radio
The Dishwasher
Opening the Mail
Blowing your Nose or Sniffing
Piston/pivot part on a Door opening/closing
Using the milk frother on a Coffee machine
When you first put the Needle down on a Viynl Record
A kettle on the Stove or a Hotplate
Putting a key in a lock, unlocking it and pulling it back out
Putting Air in a bike tyre so you can ride home from a shift at 7xs
Pulling your vertical blinds across, opening and shutting them
Spraying deoderant from an aerosol can
Using a Steam Press to press your Clothes
Lifting the Ring Pull off a Can of Beer or Soft drink


All thanks to IGA 

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