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Secret Sound2

Join Mike in the Morning after the 7.30 am News for the Railway IGA SECRET SOUND 

Watch as the jackpots grows and you could be the next winner just by recognising what the sound is 

Just call Mike on 6471 1711 when you hear the sound and all the Railway IGA $$$$ could be yours 

Here is what it isn't : 

Opening or Closing the draw on a filing cabinet 
Taking the plastic off a piece of cheese 
Pulling your boots on 
Putting a gag onto my partner 
Opening and shutting a microwave door 
Pulling a tissue from a box 
Using a Guillotine 
Putting out your wheelie bin 
Tapping the microphone 
Blowing on the microphone 
Taking the plastic off a loaf of bread 
Drumming your fingers on a desk 
Playing an old record player and the needle gets stuck 
Battling with an unbrella in the wind 
Unrolling Foil 
Cutting a piece of toast for breakfast 
Changing the bin liner
Putting a toilet roll on a Toilet Roll Holder 
Opening a Bottle of milk
Blowing a hot drink
Pulling Toilet paper off a roll 
Filing your fingernails
Cracking an egg
Filing cabinet drawer closing
Pulling toilet paper off the toilet roll
An unbalanced Washing machine
Cracking a Can or Stubby
Cracking the plastic seal on a bottle of Milk
Wiping your feet on a Mat

All thanks to IGA 

For general prize winner Terms and Conditions, click here