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Secret Sound2

Secret Sound is BACK in the Breaky Show - after the 7.30am NEWS 
Jackpots Daily all for Railway IGA - can you guess THAT Sound ? 

Incorerect Guesses so far : 
Closing a window 
Closing a sliding door 
Opening a Lunch Box 
Flicking a deck of cards
Undoing / doing up Velco 
Pulling off the sticky strip on an envelope before sealing 
Opening the foil on a coffee jar 
Sealing a snaplock bag 
Opening a letter with a letter opener 
Taking the lid of an Evans IGA takeaway container
Sipping a Hot Drink 
Ripping a cheque / receipot from a book 
ripping a piece of paper 
ripping a piece of paper towel 
Undoing a zipper 
Riping a piece of foil 
Pulling a tissue from a tissue box 
Ripping a piece of rag 
Pulling a tissue from the box 
Pulling sticky tape from the roll
cutting folded paper
tearing off a plastic bag from a roll
slurping a drink
Opening a zip lock bag
ripping paper 

All thanks to IGA 


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