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Secret Sound2


Secret Sound is back in the Breaky Show after the 7.30am News.

There will be jackpots daily all for Railway IGA. All you need to do is guess that sound!
Squashing a piece of paper to throw away 
Scrunching an empty packet of Tim Tams 
Footsteps on Rocks 
Scrunching up a newspaper 
Finish taking sausages from the packet and then scruch up the packaging 
Scrunching up a newspaper 
Putting a coin in the Eightball Table 
Peeling an onion 
Putting a jacket into the closet 
Trowing rubish in the bin 
Ripping the wrapper of an Easter Egg
Squishing a plastic bottle 
Pushing a pill from a foil packet 
Opening a packet of cigarettes 
Opening a letter 
Taking glasses out of a glasses case
Cutting off glad wrap with plastic cutters
Unwrapping a newspaper
Ripping material
Opening a sandwich bag
Pulling a plastic bag off a shelf at supermarket
Tearing a sticky note off
Cracking an egg
Scraping off your shoe with the other shoe

All thanks to IGA 

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