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Secret Sound2

Join Mike in the Morning after the 7.30 am News for the Railway IGA SECRET SOUND 

Watch as the jackpots grows and you could be the next winner just by recognising what the sound is.

Just call Mike on 6471 1711 when you hear the sound and all the Railway IGA $$$$ could be yours.

Watch as the Jackpot grows!


List of incorrect guesses:

- Opening or closing a Ziplock Bag. 

- Putting your Medicare card in a machine

- Pulling the sticky tab off an envelope 

- Taking the plastic cover off a newspaper

- Popping a tablet out of its packet

- Pulling tape off a reel

- Peeling the foil off the top of a coffee jar

- Pulling a cigarette paper out of the container 

- Rubbing your finger along a balloon

- Counting the money I have won on this quiz

- Turning on a TV with a remote

- Opening a sachet of Sugar or Coffee

- Taking the lid off a Plastic Takeaway Container

- Cutting into an Apple or piece of Fruit

- Flicking through the pages of a book with your thumb

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