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Secret Sound2

Join Cameron in the Morning after the 7.30 am News for the Railway IGA SECRET SOUND 

Watch as the jackpots grows and you could be the next winner just by recognising what the sound is.

Just call Cameron on 6471 1711 when you hear the sound and all the Railway IGA $$$$ could be yours.

Watch as the Jackpot grows!


Incorrect guesses

A retractable cord

Taking a mobile phone out of a cover

Typing on a keyboard 

Tic tac rattling around in its container

Using a manual credit card machine

Shaking a can of paint spray

Scraping something out of a plastic container

undoing a petrol cap

shaking a smoothy in a shaker

Undoing Velcro

Pulling the Wheelie Bin

Stirring a drink with a spoon

Using a pepper grinder 

Using a popcorn machine

Aluminium can rolling along the ground

Opening a packet of smokes 

Rattling a chain or a necklace 

 Little ball rattling around the roulette wheel

Opening an umbrella 

shaking an empty protein shake bottle with a white spring ball inside it 

Stirring a spoon in a cup or container

Pepper Grinder

Playing Connect 4

Sharpening a pencil in an electric pencil sharpener

Bingo Machine

Playing hungry hippos

Pouring lollies into a bowl

Peeling off foil from a coffee jar

Pulling off the top off a rip top can

Opening a can with a manual can opener 

Pouring water over ice cubes

Tipping M and Ms into a bowl

Spinning ping ball inside a cup

Pouring hot water into a cup

Playing a bodhrán 

Crunching an empty water bottle

emptying ice cubes into a container

Shaking an empty spray can 

Swirling a set of dice in a plastic cup

Taking sticky tape off a holder 

Shaking pens in a cup

Crushing a plastic bottle

Pulling a stretchy straw