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Secret Sound2

Secret Sound is back in the Breaky Show after the 7.30am News.

There will be jackpots daily all for Railway IGA. All you need to do is guess that sound!

Incorrect guesses so far include: 
Closing a window 
Closing a sliding door 
Opening a Lunch Box 
Flicking a deck of cards
Undoing / doing up Velco 
Pulling off the sticky strip on an envelope before sealing 
Opening the foil on a coffee jar 
Sealing a snaplock bag 
Opening a letter with a letter opener 
Taking the lid of an Evans IGA takeaway container
Sipping a Hot Drink 
Ripping a cheque / receipot from a book 
Ripping a piece of paper 
Ripping a piece of paper towel 
Undoing a zipper 
Riping a piece of foil 
Pulling a tissue from a tissue box 
Ripping a piece of rag 
Pulling a tissue from the box 
Pulling sticky tape from the roll
Cutting folded paper
Tearing off a plastic bag from a roll
Slurping a drink
Opening a zip lock bag
Ripping paper 
Ripping a pack of soup open
Zip lock on dog food
Ripping off an receipt from eftpos machine 
Opening a coffee sachet 
Pulling a tissue from the box and blowing your nose 
Ziplock bag
Wiltshire knife being sharpened
Opening zip on wallet
Velcro opening
Slicing an apple in half
Razor going through stuble
Hand through stubble
Flicking note pad pages
Opening a can of drink
Cutting a watermelon
Opening a tube of Pringles 
Opening the plastic of cheese slice 
Peeling a banana 
Chopping cabbage 
Flicking a lighter / igniter 
Pulling toilet paper from the roll 
Peeling the outer layer of an onion
cutting a slice of toast
Slicing a pumpkin 
Opening a packet of Chips 
Peeling a banana 
Ripping a piece of foil 
The sound when oyu first turn on a water tap 
Curling a ribbon on a present 
Ripping a label of a plastic bottle 
opening a packet of instant porridge 

All thanks to IGA 


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