Could Veggie Ice-Cream Be Your Guilt-Free Treat?

June 9, 2023 10:41 am in by

Love ice cream but hate veggies? This could be the solution to upping your veggie intake. Two Aussie companies are shaking up the dessert scene with their innovative and tasty cauliflower and pumpkin gelato flavours, providing a delicious twist that may appeal even to veggie sceptics. This groundbreaking creation has sparked a wave of excitement and divided opinions among food enthusiasts. The vegetable ice cream is developed by Nutri-V and Hort Connections, that not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also provides a healthy boost, with just one scoop containing half a serving of vegetables.

In a world where food waste is everywhere, Nutri-V’s CEO, came up with the game-changing solution. They believe that perfectly nutritious veggies should never go to waste, even if they don’t meet retail specifications or end up with excess stalks and leaves. This innovative dessert offers a tantalising way to reduce waste while treating yourself to something truly extraordinary.

Hort Innovation’s involvement in this endeavour stems from their passion for encouraging the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Recognising the love people have for ice cream, Hort Innovation saw an opportunity to transform this beloved dessert into a nutritious powerhouse. By infusing cauliflower and pumpkin, two veggies seldom associated with desserts, they aim to tap into an untapped market of health-conscious ice cream enthusiasts.

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If you like savoury and sweet, then you may just like their interesting flavour combinations: cauliflower and vanilla bean or pumpkin and gingerbread.

Step into a world of flavour, nutrition, and sustainability, and let vegetable ice cream leave you smiling with every spoonful. While the vegetable ice cream isn’t available for commercial purchase just yet, the prospect of finding it in your local store is not far-fetched.