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CMT - Peter Walker Update


Copper Mines of Tasmania said today it remains committed to a restart of the Mt Lyell mine. CMT’s General Manager of the Mt Lyell mine Peter Walker said CMT was still undertaking
the necessary technical reviews to ensure that risks related to block caving on this particular orebody are properly understood and managed.

“A significant amount of work has been done over the last 4 years which requires careful analysis and review, including using the most current computer models to ensure the operation remains economic,” Mr Walker said.
“This all takes time given the technical risks associated with a block caving method but we are still doing the necessary work to prepare the mine for reopening. With block caving, it is difficult to predict exactly how the rock mass will behave so that we have to ensure our risk mitigation strategies are the best possible, hence the need for multiple experts to review our plans.

“The $9.5m government grant received last year has done what it was intended to do – allowed for a restart without delay once the decision is made,” he said.
Mr Walker said the situation in Tuticorin was being monitored closely however it would not impact on copper concentrate sales when CMT restarted and nor would it impact on a restart decision.
“There is absolutely no reason to think a restart of Mt Lyell will be affected by the issues overseas. CMT has numerous sale options available but we will look at the sale process closer to the time. Mt Lyell produces a high quality concentrate that is in high demand,” he said.

Mike in the Morning caught up with Peter Walker to hear all the details :