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Rhonda Burchmore - Legs 11

rhonda legs 11

Over the last 8 years—a lot has happened in Rhonda Burchmore’s life since her memoir first grazed the shelves. In Legs 11—My life in front of the lights and backstage, this updated edition picks up where she left off—sharing details with her readers on her career, her family and how her life has changed.

From taking on risqué roles to performing at the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli as well as singing for Prince Charles—fans are taken through her memorable performances, awards, and honours (including the Order of Australia Medal). They also get more insight into how she’s doing on a personal level, including sharing news on the passing of her parents and reflecting on the impacts her career has had on her daughter over the years.

Rhonda also updates her readers on her current show—ABBA-solutely Fabulous—and what’s still ahead for her!

Hear from Rhonda herself - when Mike caught up with her on the realease of "Legs 11"