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Windeward Bound Trips

windeward bound mar 18

Joining a Youth Development Sail Training Voyage young people aged 14-18 will learn the skills to sail a square-rigged tall ship. They will keep watch and take the helm, help in the galley, learn to navigate using the ship’s charts and climb the 24-metre mast to set and furl the sails. They will learn how to work in a team and learn that teamwork and communication can overcome all obstacles.

The ship will also drop anchor from time to time to allow for some fun activities at safe beaches. They will also discover that many of the lessons taught in the school curriculum have a practical application in the day to day life of a tall ship, enhancing what they have learn in the classroom, and providing a sense of positive reasoning as to why their studies have an importance.

Each participant will be encouraged to pursue personal and team goals and challenges. By the end of each voyage they will have the skills and confidence to participate in programs and activities they never thought possible.
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There a number of bursaries available for West Caost students - Mike in the Mornings spoke with Captain Sarah Parry for more details :