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Tom Dockray - Queenstown Crows

tom dockray

The Tassie boy from Lilydale returns to the rock with a new song under his belt and will play it live for its first live performance and this will respectfully be in Queenstown.

Why respectfully? The song, Queenstown Crows, is about the 2014/2015 mining disasters in Queenstown that resulted in the deaths of 3 miners and the closure of the mine. He wrote the song in Copenhagen, Denmark after feeling the pangs of home sickness and deciding to view the documentary “How To See Through Fog” about the disaster and the after effects it caused in the town and the way the town pulled together with the binding catalyst of the team that won the premiership, The Queenstown Crows.

Tom will be performing tonight, Wednesday November 1, at the newly reopened Grand Dame of Entertainment, The Paragon Theatre in Queenstown.
Doors open at 6:30pm and Tom hits the stage at 7:30pm.
Good luck keeping your eyes dry.

Adrian caught up with Tom on what motivated the song - Queenstown Crows :