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Defibrillator available to the public

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7XS has a defibrillator for the general public to use in the event of sudden cardiac arrest.

We are located at 29 Cutten Street, Queenstown and are open Monday to Friday.

The Heart180 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is designed to be used by anyone, with clear step-by-step voice instructions that can guide members of the public through the process.

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in Australia, with those who suffer a sudden cardiac arrest having a 6 percent chance of survival in Australia. However early defibrillation can increase survival to 70 percent.

The Defib is part of 7XS parent company Grant Broadcasters’ ongoing commitment to providing a safer work environment and continuing to drive its commitment to being hyperlocal and supporting its local community.

Grant Broadcasters Chief Operations Officer Rick Lenarcic said: “After a scare with a team member late last year we recognised the importance of providing and installing defibs across our markets not only for our staff but also the general public in some remote and also larger regional markets. "Very happy to partner with Guy and the Heart180 team and even more so the opportunity for our clients and the general community to get on board and purchase this life saving equipment."

Click here to view more information about the Heart 180 defibrillator.