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Ogilvie back in parliament


Hot-button issues like euthanasia are likely to remain off the table in Tasmania for the time being with news a conservative independent will replace Labor's Scott Bacon in Parliament.

Despite talks with Labor Leader Rebecca White, Madeleine Ogilvie has confirmed she'll stay out of Labor after winning this week's recount.

She had represented the Labor opposition party for four years, but lost her seat at the 2018 state election and subsequently quit the ALP.

However, she insists she is still on good terms with her former Labor colleagues.

"I've got a lot of friends there still but the reality is, the moment is, now I have an opportunity to help what I see as a parliament in need of a bit of stability, and I would like to try at the very least to try and improve debate and governance," she said.

When pressed by the media this morning, she says she's not ruling out a return to Labor in the future.

"I'm not ruling anything in or out."

“My values haven’t changed, I’m me, I’ve worked hard for the people of Clark previously and I will continue to do so.”