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Hobart's Civic Square Project

Civic Square 1

Locals can have their say on how a new precinct in Hobart's CBD should look.

A mix of retail, accommodation and the new visitor centre will be part of the new project in Civic Square.

“We are confident we have followed the City of Hobart’s expression of interest process to the letter and we are very interested to hear the thoughts of the people of Hobart during Council’s community feedback process," preferred developer Chris Malcolm said.

Mr Malcolm has paired with Hobart-based 'Jaws Architects' to come up with the 'Spirit Place' plans and become the front-runner for landing the contract, something he argues is because they've strictly followed the council's masterplan. 

“We love the fact that this site has so many layers of history. Protecting and celebrating the sites heritage is central to our design,” Architect Scott Verdouw said.

“Proposed new structures and spaces do not compete with the existing buildings, but help frame them by repairing the gaps left by previously demolished buildings.”

“The ground floor will be a mixture of retail spaces and central to the design is an updated Tasmanian Visitor Centre with much of the Davey Street side of the block will remain unchanged from the street front."

Hobart City Council has released a statement saying nothing has been set in stone yet.

"There is currently a preferred developer who is going through the public consultation process. Members of the public who wish to comment can do so at

"Following the period of community engagement, the outcomes will be reported back to the Council. If the proposal is approved, the Council will proceed to negotiate a lease with the preferred proponent. Any future development of the site will be subject to a successful development application," the statement said.

With plenty of public feedback still to come, a building timeframe and estimated price are yet to be given.

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