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Tick of approval for 5 star hotel near the Gorge

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Developers are hoping to begin work on Launceston's new 5 star hotel as soon as possible, after the $50 million dollar project was given the green light.

Josef Chromy's luxury 39 metre 'Gorge Hotel' was voted through 10 votes to 1 at yesterday's council meeting.

The main concern surrounds the project's height, which will stand at 39 metres.

Mayor Albert Van Zetten says it will bring big economic benefits to the north.

"I think overall the Council has thought strongly that's it a great investment for the city. It's important for the city. We're talking about a $50 million dollar investment, 145 room hotel. We're talking about a conference centre, which can seat up to 500 people plus, so that's going to be great, which we need in Launceston and it's a real quality 5 star hotel."

Albert Van Zetten says he can understands the concerns of some locals but is confident they will come on board.

"It ticks a lot of boxes for the city as far as tourism goes. Obviously it does affect people who live nearby and some people are very precious with the Gorge and what you can and can't do near the Gorge, but they've all been considered by the Councillors as we sat yesterday with a lot of people in the gallery," he said.