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Easter Tuesday holiday slammed

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The state’s peak business body is labelling today's public holiday "bizarre" and is calling for consistency across the board.

It's sparked debate about whether we should all be working on Easter Tuesday, or eating leftover chocolate at home. 

Tasmania's private sector was back at work today, while those in the public sector had an extra day off. 

CEO of the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Michael Bailey says the lack of conformity is hurting the economy.

"Look, it's a frustrating day today for businesses right across Tasmania. We have the business world out there working hard and again, large sectors of our community; the government departments and banks, who aren't," he said.

"It makes it very hard for businesses to do their jobs today and I think it's time we really look at it as a state and decide: Is it a holiday or not on Easter Tuesday?"

Mr. Bailey says it doesn't matter which one is selected, but it must be consistent across the board.

"What's frustrating for business is these fractured holidays where some parts of the community are working and some aren't.

"We see that in our regional holidays at times around Tasmania where we'll have a region on break for a cup or show or something like that, and it's really difficult and disruptive for businesses that are out there trying to make it work."

 Image: Pexels