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Fire threat downgraded, parks reopen


Tuesday morning saw a big development in Tasmania's bushfire crisis, with the 55,000-hectare Great Pine Tier fire downgraded to no alert level.

It's welcome news after low cloud and sleet hampered firefighting in the area.

The fire, which has burned for weeks, is still listed as going.

Close to 500 firefighters are still stamping out hot spots with low-level advice alerts still in place for the Gell River and Huon Valley bushfires.

The fire crisis has now claimed more than 205,000 hectares and there is still nearly 1800 kilometres of fire edge.

Parks and Wildlife advises the Walls of Jerusalem National Park is now open from the main carpark, although Little Fischer River Track remains closed and the area east of a line drawn north-south and centred on Mt Jerusalem remains closed.

Out west, and Lake Sandra, Mount Dundas, Lake Spicer (4WD Track), Lake Tyndall and Mount Tyndall Track, Lake Johnston (including access road), Mt Zeehan, Lake Cumberland, Mt Murchison, and Climies 4WD Track (Trial Harbour-Granville Harbour).

In the Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park, Pine Valley–Labyrinth, Lake Petrach, Cuvier Valley, Mt Olympus and Gould Plateau are open.  

Deputy Secretary PWS Jason Jacobi said while the change in weather conditions has eased the fire threat, visitors should remain vigilant.

“Visitors are not to enter fire affected areas until they are deemed safe. Please respect signage and instructions from PWS staff,” Mr Jacobi said.

“When setting on bushwalks always use the Walker Registration Logbooks provided and remember to sign out at the end of your walk.

“Campfire restrictions are in place across all national parks, reserves and Crown Land state-wide until further notice. This includes all campfires, fire pots and other enclosed devices that burn wood, charcoal or solid fuel.”

Image: The fire incident management team, one of several operating at the height of the bushfire crisis, comprising of a multiagency team from Tasmania, Western Australia, New Zealand, NSW and Queensland.