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Gell River fire progress

Conditions are assisting firefighters in Tasmania's largest ongoing blaze in the Southwest Wilderness.  

So far, 20,000 hectares has been scorched in the Gell River area, and the fire front has stretched to 100 kilometres.

Steven Richardson from the Tasmania Fire Service explains, the idea is to get on top of it, while the going is good.

"By around Saturday, the weather will deteriorate, so we're just trying to consolidate what we can at this point in time."

He says choppers are often necessary to fly crews into the battleground.

"In some areas the fire is burning in extremely steep and rocky terrain, that's very difficult for not only fire fighters but the machinery and in other areas we have very tall forest, trees that are 50 metres high and it has burnt underneath those, so that in itself can be a very dangerous environment to work in."   

Photo by Warren Frey (supplied by TFS)