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Faulty airbags force rego suspension

The Tasmanian Government is acting to suspend the registration of cars with the potentially deadly Takata airbags. The move follows similar action by the South Australian Government in recent days. 

The Alpha type (Takata) airbags can spray shrapnel if deployed in a crash. There have been 22 deaths globally from the faulty airbags and at least one in Australia.

It's estimated around 1.8 million vehicles in the country still have them.

Malcolm Little from the Tasmanian Automobile Chamber of Commerce says the suspension will affect around 100 vehicles in the state.

"We don't really have a problem (with it). Consumers need to bring those cars back into the dealers to be repaired, either they've neglected to do so or they haven't been able to be found, so it's a bit of a last resort to get those vehicles back into be repaired."