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Rents rocket

Real Estate is still a hot commodity in Tasmania where new data shows rent increases in the past year were the largest in the nation.

In Hobart, the Domain Rental Report found median rent for houses is up 13.9% to $410 a week, and rents for units rose nearly as much to $360 a week.

Meantime, we are being asked to lend a hand to those being left behind by shrinking home affordability in the Uniting Tasmania Winter Appeal.

Food and warm clothes are on the wish list to assist thousands who are struggling to survive.

Uniting Tasmania's Charlie Ryan told WIN she's finding the numbers in need is growing.

"With the rising cost of housing, we're seeing a lot more homelessness, we are also seeing a lot more people experiencing family violence relationship breakdowns." 

But there are signs Tasmania's runaway rents for homes has peaked and increases won't feature again.

Tony Collidge from Tasmania's Real Estate Institute explains rises are actually a reflection of the tightness of the market late last year.

"Vacancy rates are starting to pick up, it's taking longer to let a property than what it has done, so we think things are slowing a little, we won't see the increases next year that we are seeing this year."