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Kentish Council calls for Railton flood protection

 Railton flood

Kentish Mayor Don Thwaites is calling for state and federal government assistance to protect the town of Railton from flooding.

Twice in the last 7 years the town has been badly affected by flood waters.

Mayor Thwaites points out that nearby Latrobe is set to receive $4.4 million dollars in funding merely because it is located in Braddon, which is facing a by-election.

The council is seeking up to $2.5 million, which they say they would happily split between the federal and state governments as well as the council. A public meeting will be held in Railton on Monday night to discuss the issue, which Mayor Thwaites hopes will send a message to all politicians, federal and state.

"I think we would just like to highlight the difference in treatment between a seat that is having a by-election and a seat that is right next door in similar circumstances that is not having a by-election. And I think our politicians should take stock. If they are going promise for money for something in one area then they should promise it in another area too, and not just wait for a by-election.