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Tip-thieving crook gaoled


A homeless crook who ran off with a tip jar from an Evans Street brewery will have to serve at least 10 months behind bars before coming up for parole.

Shaun William Hill punched a man in the jaw as he ran out of the Hobart Brewing Company with a jar containing $40 in January.

Two men tried to stage a citizen's arrest but Hill's unknown accomplice attacked them with a backpack, Hill running off before the injured men and other members of the public recaptured him. 

The other man was never found. 

The 33-year-old, who's been in and out of gaol for years, pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery.

Justice Michael Brett condemned the behaviour.

"You have a lengthy criminal history, which commenced with an assault perpetrated when you were 16 years of age. After that, there is regular offending which involves both serious offences of dishonesty and a number of offences involving violence," said his Honour in sentencing. 

"It is apparent that various forms of sentencing, including imprisonment, have had little effect on your offending behaviour."