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Calls to publish pay gap

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The Federal Opposition has announced major gender pay policies, calling for more to be done as Australians celebrate International Women's Day.

If elected, Labor would force companies to publish the pay gap in their organisation.

It also wants to outlaw contracts that ban workers from talking about how much they're paid.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese claims the changes will build a fairer system.

"I find it quite extraordinary that for some employees, it's actually against the law for them to tell people how much they're paid," Mr Albanese said.

"Now that obviously has a significant constraint."

A new global study into the issue has found that people believe the gender pay gap is real and important, but are divided over whether it should be a top priority right now.

The investigation was carried out in 28 countries by research company Ipsos, in collaboration with the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at King’s College London.

It found that 43% of Australians think closing the gender pay gap is important but should not be a priority right now, compared with 36% who think it should be one of the top priorities in the country.

The study also found 21% of Australians think concerns about the gender pay gap are an example of political correctness gone too far, while 14% believe that reports about the gender pay gap in the media are fake news.