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Diana hot favourite if royal baby is girl

What will Prince Harry and Meghan name their child?With the duchess due next month punters are having a flutter on the baby's gender, weight, date and birthplace.

Facebook agrees to advertising overhaul

Facebook Inc has agreed to change its paid advertising platform as part of a wide-ranging settlement to prevent discriminatory and "harmful" practices, the company and US civil rights groups say.

Qld govt to appeal child killer sentence

The Queensland government has lodged an appeal to increase the sentence of child killer Anne Maree Lee, who left her 22-month-old son Mason to suffer an agonising death.

'Egg Boy' won't take action against Anning

The "brave" Melbourne teenager dubbed 'Egg Boy' won't pursue legal action against Senator Fraser Anning or the politician's supporters who put him in a headlock, his lawyer says.

Social media must stop terror videos: PM

If social media giants can build algorithms to sell ads, Scott Morrison says they can find ways to stop terrorists spreading horrifically violent videos.

Alcohol linked to an irregular heartbeat

Drinking alcohol has been linked to an irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation, the most common heart rhythm disorder and a leading cause of stroke in older adults.