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NSW rain emergency: key facts and figures

KEY FACTS AND FIGURES FROM THE NSW RAIN EMERGENCY* More than 18,000 people have been told to evacuate* NSW is on alert with more rain due to hit the state* 150 flood rescues overnight to early Monday* 2000 calls for help, taking the weekend total to more than 10,000* About...

Global vaccine rollout to boost Australia

As Australia's next phase of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout gets under way, new research predicts the nation will get a multi-billion dollar boost if the international vaccine program is broad and speedy.

Latest facts and figures on virus vaccine

LATEST ON VACCINE ROLLOUT:* 281,500 vaccinations for COVID-19 provided so far* 58,358 doses given in aged care (including 49,000 first doses)* 609 aged care facilities have had at least one dose (89 have had two doses)* 1000 GPs involved in rollout of phase 1b which started on Monday.

Green light for Aussie-made COVID vaccine

The national medicine regulator has given a green light for the domestic production of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine, paving the way for Australian-made batches to be released within days.