Pair arrested in dramatic scene in East Devonport

August 15, 2023 12:16 pm in by

Picture: Supplied

There’s been dramatic scenes on Wright Street in East Devonport this morning with witnesses reporting two men being arrested at gunpoint by police.

Police say the two men were taken into custody in Wright Street, but they’re remaining tight lipped about the circumstances, saying more details will be released later today when operationally appropriate.

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According to a witness, around 20 police, with weapons drawn, swooped on a white SUV being driven by the two men, shortly after 10 am, ramming it to bring it to a stop near the East Devonport Newsagency on Wright Street.

Police jumped out of several un-marked cars, ordering the men to comply, arresting them within a few minutes of the vehicle being stopped.

While police say there was no danger to the wider community during the operation, the witness said it was a scary scene, like something out of a movie or TV show.