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Chris Evans Returns to Marvel's Captain America

In what many are calling the news of the year, Chris Evans is reported to be reprising his role as Super Hero Steve Rogers AKA Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

No real details have emerged yet, but all theories are pointing to at least one role in one Marvel property with a door open for a second film.

It's believed that the appearences will be akin to Robert Downey Jr.’s large supporting roles in films like “Captain America: Civil War” and “Spider-Man Homecoming”. Many are looking at the fairly secretive Doctor Strange sequel, "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" which as the title suggests deals with muliple universes and could be a way to bring "Cap" back into the action while still allowing for his romantic happy ending from Avengers: End Game.

It's a way to give the character and actor the best of both worlds after Evans very publicly hung up the shield after the film was released.

Apparently in recent months the idea was floated past Evans of a return and he warmed to the idea with the two sides reaching an agreement the other week. That's some heavy negotionation on his part.

It will also throw some question into what is to happen with the upcoming Marvel Studios series on Disney Plus "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" who are two characters that have taken on the "Captain America" title in the comics and seems to be a big part of the story for the show as Steve Rogers passed the shield on to Falcon in the final moments of Avengers: End Game.

Evans association with Disney was given another massive boost at the end of 2020 when it was announced that he would be working with Pixar on "Lightyear" a film about the man the toy Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story is based on.

All we know is, the more Chris Evans on our screens the better, animated of otherwise.