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Epic State Walls Divide Our Nation in Latest Lamb Ad


The annual Lamb TV Advertisement has dropped and it's trending over on YouTube (what Gen Z watches instead of television).

Set in the year 2031, it's been 10 years since the giant concrete walls were erected at each states border, presumably at each state premiers request (sound familiar).

Tensions rise as QLD offers NSW a lamb cutlet through a crack in the wall. A mob rushes the wall to break through to the sunshine state (I guess airports don't exist anymore).

Even a Prime Minister look-alike makes an appearance at the very end, so make sure you stick around till the end of the video.

The ad was created by the Australian ad agency The Monkeys, who were responsible for the hilarious series of viral videos for Super Cheap Auto a few months back.


And whilst the video is meant to be funny, there are some roots of truth behind all the comedy with border restrictions and state separation being two big topics over the past year.

We can only imagine what the 2022 Lamb ad will be like!