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Voice winner Alfie learns from chart flop


Four months after winning The Voice, Alfie Arcuri admits his first foray into the singles charts following the show was a disaster.

Arcuri released the up-tempo single Cruel, following his win, which landed at number 89 in the ARIA single charts, selling about 1500 copies to make it the least successful winners' song from the Nine Network talent show.

"It was a big disaster," Arcuri told AAP.

The Sydney singer thinks that, in hindsight, it wasn't what his fans from the show would have expected from him.

"I love the song and it sounds so good acoustically. But I sort of had a feeling it wasn't going to do too well because I guess people on the show connected with me for certain songs and I was a ballad guy, and then I come out with this song which is a bit different," he said.

"People would have connected more with a ballad but that's what I'm doing now anyway, I'm coming out with that. And that was the right way it was meant to happen."

Arcuri, who is now writing songs and about to go out on his first tour, still feels happy to have packed in his previous job as an architect to pursue music full-time.

"Fifteen hundred people bought that song and it's more singles than I'd sold before as an architect, so it was better to have the worst selling Voice single rather than the third or the fourth, because nobody would have cared about that," he said.

On his debut album Zenith, Arcuri included most of the songs that caught the public's attention on The Voice, including covers of Sam Smith's Lay Me Down and John Legend's All of Me.

"The album went to number five. I was really pleased with that and I think that was because more of the songs were from the show that people liked," he said.

Arcuri has spent the last three months writing music and is about to go out on his first solo tour. He admits life has changed dramatically for him.

"It's very up and down. My architecture was more consistent because you've got this 9-5 job every day. Now you're sort of in the spotlight and people are watching from afar and it's like they want you to fail, but I'm determined not to," he said.

"And I'd do The Voice again. If I didn't do the show I probably wouldn't be writing music because I needed that validation."

* Alfie Arcuri tour dates:

November 4 - The Palms at Crown, Melbourne

November 12 - Rooty Hill RSL, Sydney

November 19 - Mounties, Mount Pritchard, Sydney

November 25 - Revesby Workers Club, Sydney

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