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ABB Mothers Day Facebook Post

What was the best piece of advice that Mum gave you or if you are a Mum what was the best you have given ? 
Was it - don't pull that face - the wind will change and you will stay that way ! or Clean your ears or potatoes will grow ! 
Let us know and you could win a $50 voucher to spend in store at Apple Blossom Boutique Queenstown 

Here are some great entries so far : 

Kate Keenan : -  My Mum last told me to get some rest. MMmm!!! Now wouldn't that be a blessing!! The last piece of advice I told my daughter was...mmm .. long time ago... before she stopped listening.... you can't wear red satin shoes under an ivory and coffee wedding gown!!!!.... but, she did... and she looked beautiful.. jsut blessed wiht good genes I guess - she's her own woman.

Margie Dare : - Treat others how you wish to be treated - Mum also used to say "Don't break the 11th commandment....Thou Shalt Not Get Caught" 

Freda Roseelvisdolly Turley : -  Dont lend your money,car or your husband as your not likely to get any of them back the same way you loaned them out
Crystal Muchamore : - The little things are important.
Lisa Brown : - My mother always said, make sure you always brush your teeth, it's the first thing someone looks at.
Becky N Strop Fawdry : - Please and thankyou go a long way
Kareen Turley : -  Be like me and tell it how it is was and going to be there are no excuses for false
Sylvia Adam : -  My mom always said "IF you dont eat your crusts U wont get curley hair"
Theresa Maree Frerk : -  If you have nothing nice to say don't say nothing at all.
Gail Shea : - Always lend a helping hand
Narelle Mather : - Dont expect from others what your not prepared to do yourself
Raeyn McMillan : - Respect starts with u and Don’t fuss about food , Plenty of people are starving out there.
Wendy Archer-van Balen: -  Many of the above, I think, I hope I have said these and others to my own Daughter and she will remember "I remember" for many many years into the future βœ”
Jess Lee : -  I always tell my kiddies to dream big anything can happen. The world is your oyster don't let anyone ever hold you back
Sally Lovell : - My mum always said  "Always wear clean knickers in case you're run over by a car and have to go to hospital"

Kylie Coulson : -  Stop picking your nose, you will pull a slug daughter hates bugs etc
Margaret Mather : - Treat others the way you wish to be treated and we will all live a happy life together

Lisa Brown Never trust a man whose eyes are too close together...ha ha

Stacey Prouse If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all .

Elizabeth Youd Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything. Have courage and be kind. Love you XXOO

Shannyn Gehrke Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours glow any brighter πŸ’–

Debbie Jago your here for a good time not a long time make the most of it

Kim Dunstan You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink

Narissa Gaspersic Be kind and use your manners, it’s all free and who doesn’t like free stuff!

Susan Marshall Pay your respects and you will have the same back at you

Angela Roundhill sit back from the television or you'll get square eyes

Belinda James People can be your compass, follow if u must. But follow your heart this is what u should trust.

Arthur Youd Treat people as you would like to be treated

Kel Rubens A please and a thank u goes a long way

Becky N Strop Fawdry Please and thankyou go a long wayy

Shannyn Gehrke Locks only keep honest people out

Karen Roughley Respect goes along way

Leanne Hardimon My advice would be to not to put things off because you have years to do them. We never know when our time is up and we also never know when a love one will leave us. Start ticking off your bucket list.

Jeanymaree Jenkinson My Nan Jean told me, Always smile at people it might be the only smile they get.

Tracy Woods Be who you are not who you think others want

Theresea Jarvis You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.