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Rosebery Festival 2017 Program

Rosebery Festival

Joe from the Breaky Show caught up with Turk McDermott and found out the details of the Roseberry Festival cominng up on Thursday 17th to Sunday 19th February read more >
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Snakes Alive

Want to know about native snakes to Tasmania? and what to do when you come accross such a reptile ? Joe catches up with Scott Smith from Reptile Rescue for all this and more ...... read more >
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Wade Bailey - Chops

Wade Bailey - Winner of the 300mm Henley Foot A huge effort from Strahan's own Wade Bailey in the Henley on Mersey Chopping Carnival Australia Day at Latrobe Wade took out the Henley Foot Handicap Final. Joe catches up with Wade on the chop : Footage of the… read more >
Wood chopping old

Woodchopping reflection- Kevin Bailey

The Sport of Woodchopping has its origins in the early days of Australia's settlement when the skills developed with axe and saws were essential for the clearing of land and construction of dwellings. Competitive contests developed as a matter of course… read more >
Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas- Innovation and Opportunities in Western Tasmania

A four day event "Bright Ideas: Innovation and Opportunities in Western Tasmania" was held earlier this year. Parks and Wildlife Tasmania celebrated their 100 year anniversary in conjuction with Science Week. The result was 4 days of fun, excitment and… read more >

Run4Mind- Mental Health Warriors running for a cause

Run4mind was developed in 2014 by two sisters, Jenna and Rachael Laycock. Each year Run4mind travels to a different location to endure an ultra-running campaign or other physical challenge, to raise awareness and funds for various Mental Health organisations.… read more >
Focus on Ability

Mountain Heights School - Focus on Ability Film Festival

Students from Mountain Heights School recently participated in the Nova 2016 “ Focus on Ability” Short Film Festival. Students from Kinder through to Year 12 contributed to the production, with students driving the concept, chorography, photography and… read more >
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Rosebery Athletics Carnival Rock Drilling Events

On Saturday 17th December from 10.30am- 5.00pm, Rosebery on Tasmania’s West Coast, will host the 2016 Rosebery Athletics Carnival. One of the main attractions of the carnival is the Tasmanian Rock Drilling Events. Drillers from Western Australia, Victoria,… read more >
Brooksy police houses

Adam Brooks

Liberal MP - Adam Brooks joined Andy in the Breaky Show this morning, and lets us in on the secret of why the Navy changed entry age after " Brooksy" served in the forces. Adam gives a run down of the Liberal Economic Package that was earmarked for projects… read more >
mayor oon air

Mayor On Air November

Andy caught up with Mayor Phil Vickers before the November segment of MAYOR ON AIR. Phil gives the details of some of the agenda and issues from the November, West Coast Council Meeting If you have a question for the Mayor submit on our question page here :… read more >
Cute Zebra clipart

I Like Zebra's !

Why toddlers and permanent markers do not mix ...... read more >
Bryan Green the uncon

Bryan Green - Labor Leader

Bryan Green joined me on the breakfast show this morning. We spoke about his schooling and higher education in Burnie, his 19 years as a machinist for teh Burnie Mills of Australian Paper. Bryan also spent three years as state organizer for AMWU which put him… read more >