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Trade Trip to China

March 26, 2015
Premier Will Hodgman is flying out for China today for a week-long trade trip. A Government delegation will be joined by representatives from 20 businesses

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Tai Chi for Arthritis

Tai Chi for Arthritis is now held in the squash and fitness centre Tuesday's and…

Community Switch on 7XS

Bingo is on at the Queenstown Crows clubrooms Tuesdays at 7pm, new bingo players are…
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The Market Place Challenge

Annie takes up Changs Challenge at the Queenstown Market Place - and beats it !
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Watermark - Travis Tiddy

Darren catches up with Travis Tiddy - QHAF, on all things Watermark Travis tells of the…
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Adam Brooks - Certificate

Adam Brooks makes it to the studio in time for Darren to talk to him before he presents…
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Watermark - Lead Actors

Darren keeps you updated on "Watermark" and its progress with the lead actors - Mia,…

Jessie J Cancels Aussie Tour Dates

Due to illness, Jessie J has cancelled the three remaining dates on her Australian…
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Kiss Announce 2015 Australian Tour

Kiss have officially confirmed they are touring down under, and they're coming this…
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Charli XCX

Charli XCX will be in Australia to perform Groovin The Moo 2015 in April and May and has…
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Charli XCX Sideshows

Charli XCX will be in Australia to perform Groovin The Moo 2015 in April and May and has…


Epic Stray Dog Joins Team of Adventurers, Gets Adopted

As four Swedish athletes sat down to eat some canned meatballs ahead of a dangerous…

Indonesian Police Accidentally Make a Town High While Burning Confiscated Weed

Police in Indonesia were excited about a big drug bust they completed a few weeks…

Father Daughter Team recreate Jurassic Park in Lego

This has blown up in social media over the past few hours, a Father has teamed up…

German Flight Crashes Over French Alps, Black Box Recovered

An Airbus A320 passenger jet has crashed over the French Alps late last night.…